"I am mom to four children, two with food allergies. Jax, 10 years and Wyatt, 6 years, both
suffer from the exact same allergies....peanut, treenut, egg, fish, shellfish and cold
urticaria. Jax also suffers from severe bouts of eczema, and both Jax and Wyatt
have asthma.

All four of my children actually have cold urticaria, an allergy to cold temperatures,
though Jax has the most severe reactions. I also have a 13 year old, Dakota, a cancer
survivor currently in remission and an 8 year old daughter Maddox.

‚ÄčLearning to live and navigate our way through life with allergic diseases has not been easy. Early on, there were so many times I just wanted someone to talk to who understood the struggles. But 10 years ago, those people were hard to find. I didn't meet Robyn until 5 years into our journey. We have found strength in each other, new ideas from one another, motivation for making things better. Then we met Becky and found more of the same. Together, this is what we hope to bring to other families.

My children are in the Kanawha County School system and I have become fluent
in the rules and regulations of both the state of WV and KCS when it comes to
food allergies. We are always advocating for the best for all of our kids."

Kimberly earl