"I'm a single, working mom with three great kids, two adults- one of which has an allergy to red food dye,
and Matthew, age 7, who has multiple food allergies. Peanut, treenut, egg, fish, shellfish, pea, sweet potato , cherry,
kiwi, wheat/gluten, legumes, soy, and corn. Whewww...I think I got them all! Matthew's allergic reaction
varies from vomiting, itchy mouth, mild swelling of the cheeks to anaphylaxis.

If there is anything I have learned in this journey it is that...
1. YOU are your child's advocate! We have educated Matthew to communicate his allergies with people, but they question him or brush off the seriousness because of his youth. YOU have to make sure you stand up for your child, and their rights-both in school and daycare settings.

2. Educate, educate, educate your family, friends and caretakers!
Kimberly is more versed than myself in the rules/regulations of Kanawha County and maybe Federal as
well. I have learned plenty from her and from trial and error!

Food allergies brought Kim and I together - and we have a common vision of helping and supporting others.
Although I am not an expert, I have 7.5 years of allergy mom training behind me! It has been a lot of trial
and error, but we have finally gotten his reactions down to under once a month.....from several a day!”

robyn Clark